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 There are the souls of the words(Koto-dama), the sounds(Oto-dama), numbers(Kazu-dama), the figures(Kata-dama) and the colours(Iro-dama),etc.
Now I would like to show by the experiment you how Koto-dama(soul of the word)works.
When you repeat "Nam Amidabutsu," you will see that your voice becomes calm down. Then, you repeat "NammyouhouRengekyo." You will see that your voice is raising.
These are the effects of the soul of the word.
When you worship the sun with repeating "Amaterasu-Ohohiohokami," it works on Koto-dama. There is the energy in Mother Nature and the sun is the very simple case for us.

Oto-dama(soul of the sounds)
When you recite a Shinto prayer with a long pole(Osa-bou) and a bell and hand clapping,it works on Oto-dama. Making a bow and clapping the hands mean you put yourself in God's hand.

Kazu-dama(soul of the numbers)
Everything on the earth is composed of number.

Kata-dama(soul of the figures)
The Holy Rood or the symbol of the shrine has the energy.

Iro-dama(soul of the colours)
You favorite colours vary with every change of your mental condition. It means you are unconsciously suffered by the energy of the colours. It is very important that you make efficient use of each these energies. Surely you would like to know to do. It is to take the law of Mother Nature as the Scripture. In other words, it is necessary for you to improve your sensibility and spirituality.

The Charm
When you show the name of the god by Kamiyo-Character of the heavenly gift, which unites Oto-dama, Kazu-dama, Kata-dama and Iro-dama, every above energy begins to work, With such reason, it is better to repeat the name of the god loudly.