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Calligraphy is an expression of personality. Without learning, you cannot make progress!
Our academy is a society for practical penmanship based on hand writing, aiming at the spread of orthodox calligraphy and genuine Japanese calligraphy of divine wisdom. It is also a training center for the development of personality which lays emphasis on drawing 'beautiful characters mastering the essence of calligraphy' beyond 'just skillful characters'.
At first you must rub down an ink stick putting your mind to a positive frame.
Drawing calligraphy with your whole heart (at every point, every turn) means to concentrate your self.It is also a from of spiritual training.
The top of the brush is very subtle. It would be ignoble not to handle it well.

You must practice a lot, both technically and spiritually. Some people may learn only the theory, but I implore you to experience it also through your body, with the brush.

We especially emphasize private lessons for inexperienced people.
I recommend you to become a member now.
Please visit us any enquiries and practice to acquire deeper knowledge.(You cannot understand energy forever without drawing.)

Sho no mitijyuku(The academy of divine wisdom derived from calligraphy)

*Head office (Tokyo Ueno)
President Ando Kensetsu


Moto hitotsu 3,500yen
Pamphlet 2,000yen
Collection of works 3,000yen

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