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Date:May 1 thru 7
Yu Ho Kan
Address:26 Kami ichinomiya, Takayama, Gifu, Japan

The world is originated at one thing.
The origin of people is only one thing.
A variety of our culture, religion,or languages in the world have the same origin.
Our universe essentially does neither have any religious sect nor group.
Spirit of language and the world of kamiyo-moji prove it.
It is now when we have to intuitively feel evolution of our universe and think about
how we adapt to the movement and energy.
We have to not only think about it, but also master the way to do it as soon as possible.
The purpose of our "sho-no-michi-juku",or in English, the training center of spirit and wisdom through kamiyo moji calligaphy activity(sho-do), is acknowledging people the nonsense of having mind of evil battle or competiton among human being and building the wolrd that has so no conflict that is fullfilled with love and unity.
At the same time, it is the place to educate people benefitial to the next civilization by cleaning up their spirit and training of kamiyo-moji calligaphy.
In other words, it is the place to learn about everything of the spiritual world.
They are higher dementioned people who can comply with the higher dementioned scientific civilization in the 21st century.
We are going to tell people who are willing to understand the evolution of our universe such a thing written below.
In ancient days, The Japanese could know about God and true science through energy of spirit of language and energy of letters browing up energy of spirit of language.
The Japanese had used it and lived with it.
However, the energy was forgetted since kamiyo-moji(characters) had been vanished.
At the same time, spiritual citizenship of the Japanese has been being forced to be forgetted.
When the Japanese,the dwellers in the country where spirit was originated who are the origin of five types of people distinguished by color,discribing the five continents on the earth, knows about the meaning of the fact that written above, the Japanese must realize the mission to contoribute to people in the world. Also the Japanese has to understand the fact that it is the real relief of people on the earth.

President, Kensetsu Ando

You can feel energy benefitial to your health, harmony, and wealth from the works.
Spirit is the source of invisible energy.