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 At the age of three, she entered the world of calligraphy, and has held many successful exhibitions at the Ueno Art Museum since she was sixteen. After withdrawing from all association, she became independent. and since then has held her own exhibitions in Ginza, Tokyo, twice a year. By writing ancient-style characters, which are believed to be the origin of all the letters in the world, as well as writing modern-style characters, she is endeavoring to bring about an understanding throughout the world as to why real Japanese calligraphy is entitled to be called Art.
In May 1984, when the president of Brazil visited Japan. she paesented the president with her work titled "Kenkoku" (Founding a State). through which the president was able to get an understanding of our true culture. In July 1885, she was invited to the Republic of the Philippines, for the Japan-Philippine Cultural Exchange. There she showed the president and ministers the real meaning of Japan by introducing ancient-style characters, and a pledge was made for the pease of both countries. Afterward, she was given a testimonial in appreciation by the Republic of the Philippines. Many of her works are being exhibited at Philippine museums, and in Japan at the Cultural Bureau and the Ministry of Education.
In 1988, she was invited to the Republic of China to conduct research on the meaning and the differences between Japanese and Chinese characters including ancient-style characters.
These days, her works are being appreciated as interior decor in Germany, France, the USA, and the Russia. In Japan, she is engaged in Imperial Household-related work, and she also draws commercials works for companies such as "Yamamotoyama" and "Kikkoman."
Her purpose and her hope; "My aspiration is for all the world's nations to cooperate in real cultural exchanges in the hope of realising that 'art exists only for world peace'." In this way I also hope to contribute to world peace.
Japanese ancient-style characters are to be found only at Imperial Houses and Ise-shrie.
All the characters in the world as such the Roman Alphabet, the Greek Alphabet orthe Hangul(Korean) Alphabet, etc. derived from them.
Recently, it has been also discovered and confirmed from the archaeological point of view.
With such efforts, you can find that all the human beings has only one root. Also, you will realize that histories of the world, Japan, and the five great religions were altered somewhere along the way.
The people who employ themselves in archaeology and calligraphy should awake to the genuine Japanese culture. With this object, we must become aware of the message from A/I/U/E/O,I/Ro/Ha/,Hi/Fu/Mi/, without being fascinated by Kanji(Chinese Character), which was introduced from China. Furthermore, we must perceive the veritable meaning of the existence of Japan.
To contribute onself to beings is not only politically or financially, but to take the way that would touch the hearts of them.
Viewing from the angle of a root of all the characters and the words, you could understand that we are of common descent. Then I am sure that you will be convinced yourself that it is unwisdom to have conflicted absurdly.
I am appealing the above as my purpose and prayer to the leaders of the world's nations.